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Air Duct Repair

Air Duct Repair

Air Duct Repair Redwood City Company is among the well-reputed and highly reliable service providers available for the people living in Redwood City.

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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

California is a major hub of large corporations and businesses of all orientations while Redwood City is the center of mostly technology oriented companies.

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Attic Cleaning and Insulation

Attic Cleaning and Insulation

You can rely on our professional technicians to provide a rapid response and an economical solution to any attic insulation issue you may be experiencing. We are experts in replacements and new installations! Learn more here

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We are a small group of specialists based in California who can tackle any problem concerning air ducts. If you need expert air duct cleaning services, we guarantee that the service we deliver will be enough to satisfy you.

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A small but trusted service provider for air ducts that guarantees satisfaction via high quality service and reasonably affordable rates.

Air Duct Coating Repair, Cleaning & Maintenance Services n Redwood City

Ventilation systems are essential in every building in California and Redwood City is no exception. California has a pleasant climate, generally without extremes but there are times when rooms need heating or cooling to produce a comfortable atmosphere. As long as they are kept clean they provide comfortable healthy air to the whole of the building. The optimum word is clean.

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Redwood City

Count on our team for efficient air duct repair

At residential air duct cleaning Redwood City we meet the challenge of maintaining indoor air quality because dust builds up in the air ducts of any system effectively becoming the filter through which all the air in the home must pass.

A large house can generate three pounds of dust in air ducts in just a month so it is easy to imagine how much pollution will be in air ducts that have had no attention for a long time. We can see the dust that gathers around the home, on sills, mirrors and work tops. It is a daily chore to clean it. It cannot be avoided; it is not excluded by closing doors and windows it is a fact of life.

The dust in air ducts is unseen and sometimes forgotten. The first sign may be dirt on the vent grills or an odor of stale air but air fresheners sometimes mask that. Air fresheners do not remove the germs within stale air that can be harmful to anyone, particularly those with asthma or chest complaints.

Not only does dust pollute the air it reduces the efficiency of the ventilation system by as much as 40%; it means there is a sizeable waste of energy. It all adds up to the need to regularly attend to air duct cleaning. We can advice on frequency but there is no hard and fast rule. We would say that anyone who is doing any major work in the home that generates more than the normal amount of dust should include air duct cleaning in the project. That may be redecorating, renovation or even extension work.

Similarly anyone moving house should really get the air ducts cleaned in the new home as the final job before moving in. The house thereby gets a clean bill of health.

The process itself involves using a vacuum both to draw out the loose dust and to dislodge and remove any dirt that may have gathered on the air duct walls. It can be quite a large amount and if you see it it will give you a powerful push to contacting an air duct cleaning company regularly; hopefully that will be us.

The final job is to brush clean the vent grills and switch the ventilation back on. The difference in indoor air quality is immediate.

As a service company we pride ourselves on the promptness of our response to any enquiry, a new customer or an old client. We are happy to check the air quality in the home, and look to make sure there are no loose seals or joints which may be causing some problems. Occasionally the air ducts themselves can get damaged and we will attend to that so that when the system has been cleaned out it should work to the maximum efficiency.

We are a telephone call away from customers new and old so why not give us a try?


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