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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality
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California is a major hub of large corporations and businesses of all orientations while Redwood City is the center of mostly technology oriented companies. Though, the city is more famous about its excellent climate, which has been ranked in the three best in the planet. The excellent weather conditions and the renovation of the downtown district offer the chance to both visitors and residents to enjoy their shopping and local events in clean environments.

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Indoor Air QualityThe excellent living conditions of the residents will be complete with the combination of indoor quality air, too. After all, most people spend most of their time within their offices and homes. The perfect climate may allow the frequent opening of the windows but, most hours, people regulate the indoor temperatures with the use of the HVAC system and, therefore, they mostly breathe the air coming through the air ducts. In some cases, the procedures of air quality testing provided by our company prove the pollution of the indoor atmosphere.

People, who limit the maintenance of their systems solely to air filter cleaning, must keep in mind that air doesn’t arrive from the outside environment without the slight elaboration of the units and the passing through the air ducts, which may have gathered great quantities of dirt and high levels of moisture that will in turn create mildew and bacteria. We always take care of the condenser unit cleaning, but we never fail to inspect and clean the inner parts of the ducts because the high accumulation of dirt might cause you infections and allergies and the possible cracks and gaps energy loss.

Indoor Air Quality Redwood City gives its own battles for the protection of the environment many years now having as the best weapons its technicians, the knowledge of the new products and the scientific developments, and excellent organization that allows the completion of services with speed and high quality. Once, the anxieties about the environment were not that intense and the indoor air quality businesses expanded only lately when people realized the importance of clean atmospheres to their health. Many diseases, like asthma and various forms of allergies, are caused by the bad quality air indoors transferred through polluted with bacteria and germs air ducts. The HVAC maintenance offered by our company covers all the components of the system, ensure the cleaning of the atmosphere within your home or office, and can help you spend and, thus, pay for as much energy as needed and not more.

HVAC unit cleaning as well as filter and air duct sanitizing must take place on a regular basis, especially in places with high traffic of people. The conditions within certain homes or working places are not good due to the dirty air ducts that transfer polluted air through the HVAC units and the stuffy and smelly atmosphere cause headaches, fatigue and respiratory problems to the employees or families. At the same time, when the air ducts are blocked with over concentrated dirt or are damaged to many parts, the unit at your place cannot receive the appropriate amount of air in order to process it properly and blow it in your room. The temperatures will be different than the ones you wanted and it is really a pity to waste so much money and energy or your health when the knowhow of Indoor Air Quality Redwood City can make all problems go away.

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