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Answers to frequently asked questions related to air duct cleaning are shared on this page to help you know your system better.

Move one step closer to a safer and more energy-efficient home by getting answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on air ducts, their cleaning and maintenance. Here you will get plenty of information to use when you have to make take action and make important decisions.

What happens if air ducts are cracked?

When air ducts are cracked, that's when the problems begin, according to our experts. First of all, you will lose energy and won't enjoy the right temperatures. Air will escape through the cracks and the ventilating system or heating/cooling system will have to work double time in order to reach the right temperatures. Air duct seal repair won't only solve these problems, but it's also an excellent way to prevent moisture contamination.

Why is regular dryer vent cleaning important?

This is the only effective method for removing lint built up inside the vent. When the vent is clean, exhaust air passes normally through it and the appliance works optimally. The major benefit of frequent cleaning is the lower risk of fire. If the vent is damaged, it must be repaired or replaced straight away.

Why is it important to clean my air ducts?

Because dust, dirt and harmful allergen debris accumulates in your ducts and cause breathing problems and illness.

If my outdoor HVAC unit has bent fins, could this be a serious cause for concern?

Yes, this is a problem which you need to deal with as soon as possible. The bent fins prevent slowing down the release of exhaust air from the HVAC system and this causes it to work harder and to use more energy. Simply put, this problem costs you money. That is why you should get the fins straightened right away.

Is washing the condenser unit coils with plain water sufficient?

It is best to use a specially formulated cleanser as it can remove all the dirt and grime stuck around the coils. This will ensure that the unit works at its full capacity and keeps the HVAC system highly energy-efficient. The cleanser should be properly rinsed with water after cleaning.

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