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About Us

Count on us at "Air Duct Cleaning Redwood City" to improve the air quality in your house by professionally and thoroughly cleaning your HVAC system. We have the finest tools and the most advanced machinery in order to get to every corner, so you can be rest assured that regardless of your duct's size and type, we have got you covered.

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The cleaning process consists of two steps: The first one involves removing the buildup of harmful particles and microorganisms from the surfaces of the ductwork. Our technicianscarefully set and adjust theequipment so that every inch of the surfaces is cleaned. The second step involves air duct sanitizing. We sanitize the surfaces with safe and strong products, which help in preventing future bacterial and fungal growth. 

Our cleaning service is all-encompassing. It covers the air filters and condenser units of the HVAC system. In this way, the result is even better and longer-lasting. If your duct is damaged in any way, count on our air duct repair service.We fix condenser units with great attention to every detail, and if there is a need forair filter replacementit will be done on the spot. Our technicians use replacement filters of the highest quality in order to ensure long lasting results. Hire us for dryer vent cleaning, repair and replacement as well. Our technician will carefully remove the lint buildup and if the vent is in poor condition, he will fix it or replace itthen and there.

Hire our services and enjoy the following benefits:

* Lower health risk - When the level of dust, pollen and germs is reduced to the possible minimum, people are less likely to suffer from allergies and other respiratory conditions.

* Savings - With air duct, filter and condenser unit cleaning, the HVAC system will operate more efficiently and use less energy. Dirty or damaged ducts will cause the system to use too much energy, so consequently your electricity bills will be more expensive.

* Lower fire risk - By keeping dryer vents in optimal condition and free from lint, we keep the risk of them catching fire to the minimum.

For hiring our HVAC and dryer duct cleaning, give us a call or send us an email.

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