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HVAC Unit Cleaning

HVAC Unit Cleaning
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Problems with your HVAC unit need to be addressed as soon as possible, so that they don't exacerbate and so that your indoor environment stays protected and fresh. What seems like a small, insignificant problem can quickly turn into a complicated and expensive one. Our technicians can identify the problem and make all the necessary repairs so that it will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Pay Attention To Your HVAC Unit

HVAC Unit Cleaning

It's important to pay careful attention to any changes you notice in the performance of the unit. Is it making odd noises? Is it emitting bad smells? Does it seem like it is overworked? Any one of these issues and several others can indicate that something is broken or is restricting the air flow. Our technicians can troubleshoot the HVAC unit, find the problem and then solve it for you.

Air Quality Tests

Understanding how an HVAC unit works is a very effective tool in identifying any problems and finding the solutions for them. Another effective way is to test the quality of your indoor air and to see how many contaminants and particles are present. While this may not always pinpoint the exact source of a problem, it will let you know an issue exists, and seeing as there could also be something wrong with the air ducts themselves, it will let you know that some other part of your home needs to be focused on.

Cleaning And Maintenance

By having your HVAC unit cleaned and maintained regularly, will you be able to ensure not only that a lot of contaminants have been removed, but that the unit's different components have been checked. If during our inspection our team finds any minor issues, we'll repair them on the spot, and thus prevent them from becoming major problems later on.

Cleaner Air Is Just A Phone Call Away

If you want to keep your HVAC unit energy efficient and make sure it isn't causing potential harmful particles to circulate inside your property, contact our team at Air Duct Cleaning Redwood City today. You can also use our online system to easily schedule an appointment.

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